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Participate in the 2024 Benchmarking Library & Information Services Survey

The Harbor Benchmarking Library & Information Services Survey  provides insights and benchmarking, including trends data, in several key areas to support the decision-making process of law firm library leaders. 

With almost 10 years of core data, each year a new “hot topic” is developed to ensure that the survey is relevant and reporting on the most important challenges facing our clients.

Survey results are delivered to participants via an interactive dashboard providing analysis, recommendations and insights from our team of information services experts.

Survey participants gain insights into:

  • Shifts in print versus digital resources along with collection budget benchmarking by type and size of firm.
  • Trends in staff budgets, size, and roles, including tracking new roles, such as data visualization, data analytics, resource integration, and innovation.
  • Resource purchasing and retention trends by type and practice.

To receive your customized link to participate in the survey, please complete the form on this page. More information will be provided to registrants prior to survey launch.